Industrial Backup Power Supply

Inverters are power electronic devices. The main purpose of these device is to convert DC to AC. In inverters, AC power supply is taken from AC mains and converted into DC by a rectifier.

This converted DC charges a battery. As the industrial and household systems work on AC power, the DC from the battery is converted into AC by the inverter. During the power cut, the inverter receives supply from the battery and provides power supply to the electrical equipment. These systems are used in the school to get the power supply after the blackout of electricity. For working of Inverters, no external power supply is needed.

Power failure and emergency breakdown may happen any time due to short circuit, damage to electric transmission lines, substations or other parts of the distribution system , storms and other bad weather conditions etc. In this case, emergency generator or battery backup can be used to restored the electric power to the home and other connected appliances. In some case, it is very important to restore the power as soon as possible like in Hospital ICU, military, Intelligence and security systems & offices etc. This is where we use the generator and  UPS Inverter system with the help of backup batteries and inverter.

Service Organization

As we have mentioned above that emergency breakdown and power blackout may happen anytime due to a number of reason. In some cases, you may need a continues and uninterruptible power supply to the connected system such as security networks & systems, operation theater & ICU in hospitals, airports, military and intelligence systems and other important electrical networks. In other ordinary cases where you face load-shedding from the power supplier, unavailability of secondary power i.e. generator, solar, wind power etc, low voltages issues, shortage of stored power in the batteries, where you need an uninterruptible power to your home, office, PC, or particular rooms and load points in home or office in case of failure of main power supply. In all those situations,  you need an automatic UPS Inverter wiring connection to the home panel board.

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