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What equipment does an off-grid solar system need?

An off-grid solar system requires four core devices: solar panels (generating unstable direct current), solar controller (storing unstable direct current simultaneously into batteries), storage batteries (storing electric energy and discharging energy), and inverters (converting stored battery electric energy into 220V AC discharge).

How long is the warranty? ?

Product Quality Assurance for Two Years

How to Choose a Suitable Inverter

The selection of inverters is mainly related to batteries and appliances. The power of domestic inverters is selected according to their own conditions, and the full power of power frequency inverters.

6000W can bring enough conventional 6000W household appliances, such as 1.5 PCs (1500W) + TV + refrigerator, and occasional use of other electrical appliances, such as induction cooker and water heater, generally need 5000W-6000W. Battery voltage series and 48V are recommended.

Normally, the choice of battery voltage should correspond to power, such as 6000W/48V, current 120A is more suitable, such as 24V, the current will be as high as 240A at full power, the service life of the inverter will be shortened, and other power will be the same.

If a single electrical appliance, such as an induction cooker, is used, the maximum number of watts of the induction cooker, that is, the corresponding power of the inverter. However, if the starting power of pumps is relatively large, the power frequency inverters with more than twice the power are usually purchased. If your pump is 1000W, the minimum recommended inverter is 2000W and 3000W. Otherwise, because the starting power of the pump can reach 5000W-7000W, it will cause insufficient power and can not start.

How to Choose a Suitable Solar Controller

The size of solar controller depends on the size of solar panels and batteries. Conventional solar controller 12/24/36/48V automatic recognition universal.

The maximum power of the solar panel is 12V * 30A = 360W, 24V * 30A = 720W, 48V * 30A = 1440W according to the battery voltage you use. The controller of 30A is used, and your battery is connected in series with different voltages. It can connect the maximum power of the solar panel to 360W, 24V * 30A = 720W, 48V * 30A = 1440W. The board power is also different, and other current-size controllers are the same.

Generally speaking, in summer sunny days, 1000W solar panels can generate about 5000WH of electricity, then five degrees, so the battery selection recommendation is generally more than five degrees of total capacity. If a battery is 12V100AH, its theoretical capacity is 12*100=1200WH, then 1.2 kilowatt-hour.