Solar Pumping System

Agricultural dropper and spray irrigation water, forestry irrigation water, grassland restoration, desert management, domestic water, etc. The system is fully automatic, sunrise, sunset, without the need of personnel management, maintenance work can be reduced to the lowest, is an ideal collection of economic, reliability and environmental benefits for the green integration of green Energy system.

Solar pump inverter is the core part of the photovoltaic water pump system.

In the photovoltaic water pump system, the electricity generated by the solar panel array is transmitted to the photovoltaic water pump through the inverter/controller, and the pump motor is driven to carry water.Since the power generated by the solar panels is directly affected by the weather, another role of the inverter/controller is to ensure that the electricity generated by the solar panels is delivered to the water pump in a stable and reliable manner.In other words, it improves the overall power conversion efficiency of the system, reduces the investment cost of photovoltaic water pump system, effectively guarantees the use of water pump, and improves the service life of water pump.

Track the MPPT of solar panel, With MPPT software, maximize the use of photovoltaic energy.

Reduce the frequency and water flow fluctuation, extended pump lifetime. tracks the maximum power point automatically, increases working efficiency of solar panel. Start automatically in the morning, No need to set parameters, runs automatically. PV Water level control, Integrated special water control logic functions, support to connect full and empty water level sensor together or separated, protect pump under dry run status, and avoid overflow in upper water tank. PV/AC by pass, support 24-hour unattended work. Can switch to AC grid automatically  under weak light or night.

Solar photovoltaic automatic water pump system is mainly composed of photovoltaic special water pump inverter, water pump and solar cell array, which is widely applicable to domestic water, agricultural irrigation, desert management, grassland animal husbandry, island water supply and water treatment projects.

In the solar photovoltaic automatic water pump system, the storage battery energy storage device is saved to store water instead of storing electricity. The reliability and power of the device are high, and the cost of system construction and maintenance is greatly reduced.

Solar Pump System

Solar Pump Inverter System Advantages

● The solar pump inverter can solve the problems of the traditional power instability or power can’t reach area with water problems.

● Investment cost, use cost and maintenance cost are very low.

● Do not need equipped with battery, cost savings, more environmental protection.

● Environmental protection, realize CO2 zero carbon emissions.

● Automatic operation of the system, no need of manual guard, save a lot of manpower.

● LCD display function, can view and set a variety of operating parameters.

● According to the actual situation of the system can freely set the water pump speed range.

● High level of protection for a variety of applications, low installation cost.

● Powerful protection functions, such as under-voltage, over-voltage, DC over current, overload, short circuit, anti-dry burning, anti-overflow and dry pumping, blocking protection and other protection functions.

So How Do You Design a Proper Solar Water Pump System? We Offer the Following Suggestions:

1. Refer to your flow and head requirements

Choose the right pump for your flow and head needs. Flow is the amount of water you need per hour or per day. The head is the height at which the water is pumped away from the well.

2. Choose the appropriate solar water pump inverter

According to the selected pump parameters, choose a suitable solar water pump inverter. Pump parameters include: AC, DC, single-phase, three-phase, booster, pump power, indoor use, outdoor use, underground use and so on various parameters. Then, choose the appropriate inverter.

3. Choose the right solar panel

According to the power of the pump size, the intensity of the sun, choose the appropriate solar panel. Usually, we choose the power of the panel, which is 1.5 times the power of the pump. If you want more voltage output, we will add the panel appropriately.

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