Ampinvt SPC Series Solar Pumping Inverter

Ampinvt SPC Series Solar Pumping Inverter
Ampinvt SPC Series Solar Pumping Inverter
Ampinvt SPC Series Solar Pumping Inverter
Ampinvt SPC Series Solar Pumping Inverter
Ampinvt SPC Series Solar Pumping Inverter
Ampinvt SPC Series Solar Pumping Inverter

1. Support 220-240V/380-440V, 1PH/3PH pumps.
2. Advanced MPPT Algorithmic Control.
3. Easy to use, no settings, automatic operation.
4. Support independent or complementary use of photovoltaic and municipal power.
5. No battery, save the cost of battery replacement, reduce the battery pollution to the environment.

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Intelligent Control

  • Inbuilt AC compensation functions, auto balance power supply between solar power and city grid input power.

High Efficiency

  • Inbuilt Latest Max power point tracking algorithm to Maximum solar power efficiency.

Big Range

  • Wide range of pv input voltage from 150VDC~800VDC.
  • Single phase /3 phase available.






Ac Input Voltage 220V(-15%)~240V(+10%)
Max. Dc Input Voltage 440V 440V 440V 800V
Start-up Volatge 220V 220V 220V 300V
Lowest Working Voltage 150V 150V 150V 250V
Recommended Dc Input Range 200V~400V 200V~400V 200V~400V 300~750V
Recommended Mppt Voltage 330V 330V 330V 550V
Reted Output Voltage 220V(1PH) 220V(3PH) 220V(3PH) 380V(3PH)
Output Frequency Range 0~400HZ
Mppt Efficiency 99%
Environment Temperature -10~+50,if Above 40,derate 2%
For Every Additional 1
f Above 40,derate 2% For Every Additional 1
Altitude Below 1000m, If Above 1000m ,derate 1% For Every Additional 100m
Cooling Fan Cooling



Rated Output Power

Rated Input Current

Rated Output Current

SPC-1K5-L11 1.5KW 15.7A 10.2A
SPC-2K2-L11 2.2KW 24A 14A
SPC-4K0-L11 4KW 38A 24A
SPC-5K5-L11 5.5KW 48A 30A
SPC-1K5-L13 1.5KW 15.7A 7.5A
SPC-2K2-L13 2.2KW 24A 10A
SPC-4K0-L13 4KW 38A 18A
SPC-5K5-L13 5.5KW 48A 25A
SPC-4K0-L33 4KW 17A 16A
SPC-5K5-L33 5.5KW 25A 20
SPC-7K5-L33 7.5KW 33A 30A
SPC-1K5-H33 1.5KW 5A 4.2A
SPC-2K2-H33 2.2KW 5.8A 5.5A
SPC-4K0-H33 4KW 13.5A 9.5A
SPC-5K5-H33 5.5KW 19.5A 14A
SPC-7K5-H33 7.5KW 25A 18.5A
SPC-11K0-H33 11KW 32A 25A
SPC-15K0-H33 15KW 40A 32A
SPC-18K0-H33 18KW 47A 38A
SPC-22K0-H33 22KW 51A 45A
SPC-30K0-H33 30KW 70A 60A
SPC-37K0-H33 37KW 80A 75A
*Product Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Further Notice

Q1: Does Your Company Also Provide Other Solar Products Except Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

A1: Yes, we also provide other solar products, like MPPT Solar Controller, off grid solar inverter, low frequency & high frequency inverter, battery ,solar panel and other accessories related to the solar power system.

Q2: How to Choose a Right Inverter?

A2: Tell us your demand, then our sales will recommend a suitable inverter to you.

Q3: How About the Delivery Time?

A3: 5 days for sample; 7-15 days for bulk order.

Q4: What Is the Warranty of Inverter?

A4: 2 year warranty.

Q5: How to Solve the Technical Problem?

A5: 24 hours after-service consultancy just for you and to make your problem to solve easily.

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