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In order to meet the needs of AMPINVT international business development strategy, we are now looking for more long-term dealership partners to deliver better service for individual new-built or remodeling building projects all over the world. We sincerely invite you to join our dealer system and explore the market full of opportunities and challenges for win-win cooperation.

Famous brand

Since 2013, AMPINVT has sold our products to more than 100 countries! As a professional manufacturer of solar equipment, we are well-known worldwide!

Our company has many years of experience in R&D and production, and has over 20 product development teams constantly upgrading and improving products to ensure a good user experience.

Dealer Support

All of AMPINVT dealers are required to receive professional product and technical service training and obtain corresponding certifications to ensure that every user can enjoy a pleasant AMPINVT experience.We provide AMPINVT’s distributor partners with a complete set of brand promotional materials for high-quality distributor activities, as well as special funding support for advertising and exhibition activities.

Training support

Provide online and offline training on system solutions, installatioroperations, and sales promotion.

Help partners improve the professional and technical capabilitiesof their employees.

Enhance human efficiency while gaining market reputation.

All AMPINVT dealers are required to receive professional productand technical service training andobtain correspondingcertifications to ensure that every user can enjoy a pleasantAMPINVT experience.

Market promotion support

We believe that the best way to promote is to provide valuable information to users.

Real evaluation sharing from industry experts and end users is the best promotion method.

Through the most popular short videos, knowledge popularization, exhibition communication, and other means at present.

Ensure that every photovoltaic power user can receive our fast response services.

Provide a complete set of brand promotional materials for AMPINVT dealers.

Provide special funding support for advertising and exhibition activities for high-quality distributors.

Collaboration Process

Dealer Application

Click on “Online Application” andsubmit the distribution applicatioform according to the process.We will contact you within 1working day.

Cooperation Negotiation

Through online meetings, offline visits, and other means, understand the business situation and cooperation development demands of the applicant enterprise, and determine the cooperation model.

Contract Signing

Sign a one-year cooperation contract to determine the dealer’s annual business development plan and training and marketing support plan of AMPINVT.

Formally Becoming a Distributor

Formally becoming a partner of AMPINVT solar equipment, you will receive professional and efficient technical support, market promotion support, and other services throughout the year.

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