Lead-acid Gel Battery

Lead-acid Gel Battery

1. Ideal for deep-cycle applications, typically offering a lifespan ranging from 500 to 5000 cycles.
2. Maintenance free.
3. Minimal corrosion therefore compatible with sensitive electronic equipment.
4. Rugged and vibration-resistant.
5. Lowest cost-per-month (cost/months of life).

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The lead-acid gel battery, also known as gel cell battery, is a lead-acid battery designed with a gel-like electrolyte. Compared with lithium battery, the price of lead-acid battery is relatively cheaper and more easily accepted by the public.

Working Principle

The primary working principle of lead-acid gel battery is based on the lead-acid chemical reaction, but it is different from traditional lead-acid battery.

The lead-acid gel battery is unique in that it uses a gel-like electrolyte. This electrolyte is a substance made of silica and is used to immobilize the sulfuric acid, preventing it from flowing freely. This is in contrast to the traditional liquid electrolyte found in conventional batteries, which can move freely.

The electrochemical reaction in the lead-acid gel battery is still based on the reaction between lead and lead dioxide, generating electrical energy. During discharge, ions in the sulfuric acid move between the positive and negative electrodes, producing an electric current. This reaction is reversed during charging to restore electrochemical potential energy.


Lead-acid gel batteries are known for their excellent deep-cycle performance. Deep cycling refers to the process of repeated charging and discharging, usually requiring the battery to be able to withstand frequent deep discharges. This makes lead-acid batteries very popular in deep-cycle applications such as electric vehicles, boats, and solar energy storage systems.

Because lead-acid gel batteries are sealed and leak-proof, they are widely used in applications that require high safety and acid leakage prevention.

Q1: What are the advantages of lead-acid gel batteries?

A1: Lead-acid gel batteries offer advantages like maintenance-free operation, spill-proof design, deep discharge tolerance, and excellent standby power performance.

Q2: Can lead-acid gel batteries be installed in any orientation?

A2: Yes, gel batteries offer the advantage of flexible installation, including sideways or upside-down positioning, without affecting their performance.

Q3: Do lead-acid gel batteries require regular maintenance?

A3: Lead-acid gel batteries are maintenance-free.

Q4: How long do lead-acid gel batteries last?

A4: Typically lasts 3 to 5 years or more.

Q5: Are lead-acid gel batteries recyclable?

A5: Yes, lead-acid gel batteries are recyclable.

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