What Is the Best Energy Storage System for South Africa Market

As a safe, abundant and free-of-charge energy, solar power safely makes itself one of the best among all clean energies widely available and easily accessible, solar power provides enough direct power for the houses’usages through solvent at nights, when the sun temporarily rests, people can still access to the surplus power stored in lithium batteries of energytorage system during daytime. That is probably why the popularity of energy storage system rises along with that of solar power, especially in the regions where sunshine is abundant, and power is not. ESS, short for energy storage system, usuallyomprises a solar panel, solar inverter, and lithium battery pack. With these solar power systems and lithium batteries, not only do people in far-flung regions of the world ( which are far from any power distribution network ) find an off-grid power solution toad dresses solar intermittency, but also know how to enhance grid resilience by actively managing mismatches between electricity supply and demand.

In this article, we would like to shed more lights to how solar power solution plays a crucial part in addressing the electric power issues in South Africa, for the following reasons:


Lithium-ion batteries are the heart of the energy storage systems, as these batteries store and supply power with almost 99%efficiency. Given the power shortage situation, and the merit that solar energy is free,solar power systems that contain the quality lithium-ion batteries are doubtlessly one of the most wanted products in South Africa, as long as the sun itself does not charge.

Reliability and Safety

Apart from lithium-ion batteries, solar panel is another electric or electronic component that is least maintenance-requiring. There is almost no need for maintenance in their complete lifecycle.

As for safety, solar panels produce power in low voltage direct current, which makes it entirely safer, as such a level of electric current doesn’t affect any contact. The same is the case with lithium batteries, which store power in low voltage direct current and are safer to maintain.

What Is the Best Energy Storage System for South Africa Market

Quality and Durable

Lithium-ion batteries are the latest and most advanced energy storage technology, so there is no compromise in technology, whereas solar panels are improving in cost-to-performance ratio every day. Lithium batteries are more durable than any other battery in the market, as they range at least 3000 cycles, whereas a usual solar panel has a warranty life of 20-25 years.


In the times when electric / electronic-related component prices are going high, solar power system prices are lowering. A solar power system with an energy storage system is the perfect investment, as it supplies power with no running cost. It is assumed that one can cover their capital investment in solar power systems by five years.

Easy Installation

Solar power with an energy storage system is easy to install. By choosing SAKO, even you find it horribly hard to figure out how to install, we are always happy to provide you with guidance. You do not have to do it all alone or try to find an understandable guide online.


Why bothering buying things separately and working your ass off to combine them together, when you can simply buy an all-in-one energy storage system once and for all? An energy storage system is a fundamental part of any solar power system, as the sun supplies solar energy for specific hours of the day. So, we need to install a solar power system that completes our electric power requirements in the daytime and also produces surplus power that we can store in a lithium battery storage system.

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