Germany has brought forward its goal of 100% renewable energy supply by another five years

The German Ministry of Economic Affairs proposed a new draft legislation on February 28, 2022, which will achieve the goal of “complete 100% renewable energy supply and abandon fossil fuels” in 2035. Solar tender volume will increase from 7 GW in 2023 to 20 GW in 2028.

Subsidy policies include:

1. Tax exemption and rebate: Starting from 2023, Germany will exempt income tax and corresponding value-added tax for rooftop photovoltaics that meet the conditions, and exempt income tax from power generation income (German personal income tax in 2022 will be 14%-45%

    2. The price of surplus on-grid electricity increasesFrom July 30, 2022: a) the partial grid-connected electricity price will increase to 8.6 euro cents/kWh; b) if the user chooses to fully connect to the grid, on the basis of 8.6 euro cents/kWh, there will be an additional 4.8 euro cents/kWh. kWh additional subsidy, the total surplus feed-in electricity price is 13.4 euro cents/kWh

    3. Capacity subsidy policy:some states directly provide financial subsidies based on the capacity of energy storage systems

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