AMPINVTTakes the Spotlight at Solar PV World Expo 2023

On August 8th, the largest global solar feast, Solar PV World Expo 2023, is reaching its successful conclusion. On this platform that brought together over a thousand leading international solar brands, AMPINVT made a stunning appearance with its full range of family products. This showcased the new scenarios and tools presented by AMPINVT, as a result of its continuous iteration, to customers and partners in worldwide. AMPINVT’s diversified product portfolio once again became a major highlight at Solar PV World Expo 2023!

Striving for Excellence  Unveiling New Products

With a vision of carbon neutrality, AMPINVT constantly iterates and updates its products to enrich the all-scenario experience of solar users while enhancing performance. And the newly launched TG series all-in-one inverter/charger has attracted great attention thanks to its high power, reliability, and user-friendly product advantages.

The TG series Hybrid Solar Inverter has high power and offers a variety of charging options, including utilities, fuel engines, and solar energy. It performs excellently in household energy storage, inverter output, and energy management functions. Five intelligent working modes, equipped with advanced DSP chips and optimized control algorithms, ensure fast response, reliability, and high conversion efficiency. In addition, through customize settings, users can effectively utilize solar energy or electricity according to their needs. This high-quality product ensures a stable power supply and is very suitable for hybrid power generation systems that integrate solar, utility, and fuel engine resources.

The GT Series Hybrid Solar Inverter is another new product in our product line, a residential energy storage solution that offers Five intelligent control modes: AC mains priority mode, ECO mode, DC battery priority mode, Generator mode, and Unattended mode,  auto switch base on different demand. Adopting advanced DSP control technology, it has excellent stability and reliability.

  • 1. Inbuilt lithium battery PV active function.
  • 2. Inbuit toroidal transformer, triple surge power, support Air conditioner/freezer/pump these type of inductive load.
  • 3. Inbuilt with AC charger and MPPT solar charger, High transfer efficiency.
  • 4. Support lithium battery with communication, inbuilt with several protections, could customize charge voltage and low voltage protection base on different type of lithium battery

Users can optimize energy utilization by flexibly utilizing solar energy or public electricity through customizable settings. For users in areas with limited or unreliable electricity, this is undoubtedly an ideal choice.

Focusing on R&D – Compelling Strength

AMPINVT always adheres to a “product centric” approach, continuously focusing on technology research and development and product iteration and upgrading. At the exhibition, whether it is the new household product series GT, the recently upgraded solar controller series AP, or the popular flagship off grid inverter TG, the product lineup fully showcases the integration of AMPINVT’s system with hardware and software, attracting visitors and their attention to explore products and participate in potential cooperation discussions.

The HMP-F2 high-frequency pure sine wave hybrid inverter (3000W-5500W) exhibits excellent performance in withstanding load shocks. Power factor up to 1, capable of operating at full load power. Even in demanding and complex application environments, it can continue to operate reliably and effectively.

The AP solar controller (20A-120A) is an advanced maximum power point (MPPT) charging controller that is fully compatible with various lithium batteries. Built in intelligent air cooling system, intelligent temperature control, ensuring stable output and extending machine life. Moreover, Bluetooth modules are supported, allowing users to easily read and adjust parameters through mobile applications. Provide safe, stable, and efficient solutions for users’ off grid power generation needs.

For more than ten years, the AMPINVT has been deeply rooted in the markets of Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the United States. It has been committed to developing innovative products with high efficiency, comprehensive performance, easy operation and maintenance, and high cost-effectiveness. In the future, AMPINVT will continue to adhere to new concepts and technologies to address the challenges of the solar energy industry in various scenarios. We will work together with all sectors of society to promote green development, so that green energy benefits everyone, every family, and every enterprise.

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